Lynn Ellison,
81st District Judge

Russell Wilson,
218th District Judge

De’Ann Belicek,
Court Administrator

Heather Fischer,
Court Coordinator

Norma Villanueva,
Assistant Court Coordinator

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81st & 218th District Court Calendar

You can use our Court Calendar to verify the dates and times of hearings. Jury duty information is found on the General Information page. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 830-769-3750 or via email at

If you have trouble viewing the Court Calendar events, click on this link to view the calendar in a new web browser tab.

Calendar Codes

If "NO MORE SETTINGS" shows, the day is unavailable.

County Codes: AT=Atascosa; FR=Frio; KA=Karnes; LS=La Salle; WI=Wilson

Case Types: CV=civil; CR=criminal; JRY=Jury; NJ=Non-Jury; GJ=Grand Jury; GJC=Grand Jury Commissioners; ARR=Arraignment; DC=Docket Call; DWOP=Dismissal Docket

Judges: R=Rayes; W=Wilson; VJ=Visting Judge