Donna S. Rayes,
81st District Judge

Russell Wilson,
218th District Judge

De’Ann Belicek,
Court Administrator

Heather Fischer,
Court Coordinator

Norma Villanueva,
Assistant Court Coordinator

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September Atascosa Reporting
August Frio Activity Report
August Karnes Activity Report
September Wilson Activity Report
10/19/2017 Atascosa Criminal Docket
10/19/2017 Atascosa CR ADDS
10/19/2017 Atascosa Civil Docket 
10/23/2017 Karnes Criminal Trial Docket
10/23/2017 Karnes Civil Trial Docket
10/23/2017 Atascosa Criminal Docket
10/23/2017 Atascosa Civil Docket
10/23/2017 Atascosa Civil Additions
10/24/2017 Wilson Criminal Docket Call
10/24/2017 Wilson Civil Docket Call
10/24/2017 Wilson Criminal Docket
10/24/2017 Wilson Civil Docket
10/25/2017 Atascosa Criminal Docket
10/25/2017 Atascosa Civil Docket
10/26/2017 LaSalle Criminal Docket
10/26/2017 LaSalle Civil Docket


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