Lynn Ellison,
81st District Judge

Russell Wilson,
218th District Judge

De’Ann Belicek,
Court Administrator

Heather Fischer,
Court Coordinator

Norma Villanueva,
Assistant Court Coordinator

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Jury Duty Status & Information

You can check the status of jury summons below for both the 81st and 218th District Courts.

Find your county and your original summons date to check the current status and other details. If you have a question regarding the status, please call 830-769-3750 the court email to

Jury Duty Status Announcements:

**Jury Duty in Atascosa County for January 14, 2019 has been canceled.  You do not need to appear.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please call the Coordinator's Office at 830-769-3750.  Thank You.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jury Duty

Most of the laws regarding jury service can befound in the Texas Government Code at Chapter 62. Some of the laws specific to answering the jury summons begin at Section 62.0141.